HDB BTO — Defects Checking Experience and Tips

So, you’ve collected your keys to your new Build-to-Order (BTO) flat after an excruciating long wait (or shorter, if you were lucky enough to secure one via the Sale of Balance Flats scheme). Before you commence your renovation works, it’s important to carry out a defects check so that any major issues can be identified …

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How to install Vial firmware on the Keychron Q1 Knob (and other Keychron QMK keyboards)

The Keychron Q and V series of QMK keyboards come with VIA support out of the box. But Vial offers much more customisable options.

Updated 31 July 2023 based on the latest build of Vial

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Newbie’s Guide to Installing Vial and QMK on the GMMK Pro

The default Glorious Core software may be decent, but unfortunately there are certain functionality, such as reprogramming the Fn layer, and customising the rotary encoder functions, that require you to flash the QMK firmware or one of its variants.

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Singapore Mattress Buying Guide — Sealy, Tempur, Simmons and Serta

We initially thought that choosing a mattress for our new flat would be a straightforward, one-day affair. Just head down to the mattress boutiques at Plaza Singapura or IMM and make your decision based on what you like the most within your budget, right?

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Quick Primer to Water Purifiers — Sterra, Wells, Livingcare and Hydroflux

While visiting a friend’s new BTO at the end of last year, I was quite enamoured by the hot/ cold water dispenser system that he had. One touch of a button, and nearly ice-cold water, or (very) hot water came flowing out. Best of all, it connected directly to the water inlet and so there wasn’t a need to refill a water tank every now and then.

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Choosing a DC Standing Fan in Singapore

While searching for a good standing fan review recently, I came to the realisation that, unless you’re looking at one of those snazzy offerings from Dyson, it’s pretty hard to come across a review of a standing fan, much less one that has a direct current (DC) motor as opposed to one powered by a conventional, alternating current (AC) motor. So here’s a quick primer from the research I’ve done recently, as well as a quick review of the Mistral MIF400RI, the 16″ DC standing fan which I eventually settled on.

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Fnhon Tornado — Review and Building Experience

It’s been only a few months since I picked up cycling once again and in that time frame, I’ve used the Java Zelo and Crius Master D before deciding to build a frame from scratch, with an Fnhon Tornado used as a base. It’s a time consuming experience but well worth the effort.

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Seatpost Options for Folding Bikes

A ‘normal’ seatpost designed for road and mountain bikes won’t work on most folding bikes because the length is simply too short for most people. Hence, you would need to find a seatpost that is at least 55cm to 60cm long.

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Buying a Camera in Singapore (2017 Edition)

For a country of its size, Singapore has a thriving photography community. Walk down Orchard Road over the weekend and it’s easy to spot the latest DSLR or mirrorless camera slung around someone’s neck.

Less obvious is how these people acquire their cameras. Unlike the US where most savvy shoppers head to either B&H Photo or Adorama (both being online stores) to make their purchases and return them if they don’t like it, buying a camera in Singapore is still pretty much a hands-on experience. It’s not that Singapore is behind the times. Rather, it’s a combination of Singapore being a small city and the lack of a buyer’s remorse clause that makes shopping at a brick-and-mortar store the preferred choice for big-ticket items. Particularly for second-hand cameras, while a sale may be negotiated through the myriad online platforms, the actual deal is almost always done through a meet-up.

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